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PAYANKE SPA is a place for experiencing holistic beauty with a Creole wisdom. We offer a combination of locally-sourced, organic products, experienced therapists and rituals with a unique Creole touch.

  • Aromatherapy Massage

    Scr1,100 1hr
    A gentle and deeply relaxing massage therapy, using a blend of essential oils from plant extracts to relax and heal your body and mind
  • Swedish Massage

    Scr1,200 1hr
    Swedish therapy can be both energizing and relaxing. A more firm relaxing massage, it involves soft, long, kneading strokes as well as tapping and hacking strokes relieving muscle tension.
  • Balinese Massage

    Scr1,200 1hr
    An intense deep tissue massage in which the therapist uses thumb and palm pressure and firm strokes. This treatment stimulates blood circulation and improve energy flow through the whole body.
  • Stress Relief Massage

    Scr700 30 mins
    This draining massage treatment includes cinnamon oil from Seychelles, used to stimulate circulation, reduce stress, relieve muscle pain and has anti-inflammatory properties, which is beneficial for the whole body.
  • Jet Lag Massage

    Scr700 30 mins
    This is short 30-minute massage to relieve tension, stress on the back, neck and shoulders before or after your flight, so you feel relaxed and gives you an energy boost.
  • Tired Leg Massage

    Scr700 30 mins
    A firm mint foot scrub and draining massage to release fatigue from the legs.
  • Coconut Tropical Scrub

    A deep moisturizing body scrub using local coconut oil, with grated dry coconut powder with a touch of lavender oil.
  • Cinnamon Sugar Scrub

    Brown sugar, coconut oil, ground cinnamon mixed into a paste for removal of dead skin.
  • Coconut Sugar Scrub

    A tropical scrub from brown sugar and the copra of Seychelles (meaning the brown shell of the coconut) for removal of dead skin cells and glowing skin.
  • Blue Sea Salt Scrub

    Dead sea salt scrub with an intoxicating vanilla, lavender, peppermint or any essential oil of your liking.
  • Cucumber & Aloe Vera Wrap

    Scr800 45 mins
    An application of grated cold cucumber and aloe vera extracts on the whole body to cool down the sunburn and peeling skin
  • Coconut Body Milk Wrap

    Scr800 45 mins
    An application of coconut milk on the whole body, for hydration and a more smooth glowing skin.
  • Jet Lag Remedy

    Scr1,250 1hr
    A firm 30-minute massage to relieve tension and stress on the back, neck and shoulders. In addition, a mint foot scrub ritual, followed by a tired leg massage.
  • Beat The Heat

    Scr1,400 1hrm 30 min
    A treatment that is designed to take the heat and pain out of your body from sunburn and replenish it with moisture from aloe vera & cucumber extracts to prevent peeling. It is a cooling and soothing treatment wrap followed by a full body massage.
  • Indian Ocean Style

    Scr2,000 1hr 30 min
    A full body sea salt scrub with vanilla scent in our water fall showers, followed by a full aromatherapy body massage. Choose a facial mask of your liking, or skin type from seaweed or avocado paste.
  • Seychelles Signature Pack

    Scr1,800 1hr 30 mins
    Surely a must-have treatment, an exotic tropical mix scrub. This includes our Seychelles coconut shell (copra), dry grated coconut powder and cinnamon powder with a dash of honey. A treatment designed to express our culture and spices in a relaxing atmosphere, which will remove dead skin cells and keep your skin hydrated with a tropical glow, followed by a choice of our classic massages.
  • Love is in the Air

    Scr3,000 1hr
    A treatment designed for the honeymooners... a full body massage followed by a glass of champagne, strawberries and a selection of chocolates.
  • Chocolate Couple Indulgence

    Scr4,000 1hr 30 mins
    Indulge in a full body exfoliation with our chocolate sugar scrub, made with brown sugar and pure cocoa extract, followed by a rinse in our waterfall shower. Champagne and strawberries await, followed by your next course of treatment... a relaxing, full body massage of your choice...